GlobalFire is a charity that allows anyone to help Firefighters and Paramedics in the developing world.

You do not need to be a Firefighter to volunteer with GlobalFire.

 Thank you to our members around the world who have stepped forward to volunteer their time, skills and experience to help make a difference under challenging conditions. To learn more about our current operations, click on the buttons below. To learn about previous GlobalFire operations, please click on the "Past Operations" button.

GlobalFire's Capacity Building Operation in Nicaragua, November 2015 (Video)

Not a GlobalFire volunteer but interested in helping? Register as a member(it's free) by clicking on the "Join The Team" button. 

For updates on active GlobalFire operations, please like and share GlobalFire's Facebook page, follow us on Instagram @globalfiredmgfand on Twitter @GlobalFireDMGF.

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