Guatemala 2013 Blog Fifteen- The Action Scene

The action scene - last day and it is scenario time. The GlobalFire team has worked hard with these fire fighters and they are ready to take some of their skills to task.

A member of the “Comité Pro-Funcionamiento de la 11va. Cia de Bomberos Voluntarios de Retalhuleu” had a property with a hotel that was never completed. He allows 11 Company to train there so it was selected as the site of the final scenario.

It was a very interesting training ground as there were cows as extras and were leaving large deposits throughout not only the grounds but in the abandoned hotel itself. The ‘craft services’ were run by a local woman whose stand was right next to the pumper. She was selling smashed torillas with salt called machitos.

The final scene was one from a disaster movie- earthquake and fire at a hotel. The plot was given to the Incident Commander and they were off- Action was called and the Bomberos went to work.


They did an excellent job especially since some of the skills were the first time they have used them outside the training this week. They worked on an Incident Command structure also. The equipment issues really came to light. Limited amounts of hose and very few appliances made it a challenge. At one point a hose was leaking and a Bombero had to be assigned to hold the leak to reduce water loss. More SCBAs were needed with the implementation of RIT.


The Bomberos worked very hard, as it was very hot and for the first day this week it did not rain.


The fire was extinguished, all the victims were rescued and they had success with the new skills they were taught. The Bomberos were happy with their success but stressed they must practice and practice some more to get better. It was a great way to end the class.


Congratulations Brothers and Sisters!


 The Action

The Action

 Job Well Done ! 

Job Well Done ! 

Posted on September 17, 2013 .