What is a GlobalFire Capacity Building Operation?

GlobalFire strives to enhance the abilities of local volunteers, fire departments and emergency medical services to render aid to their fellow man in developing world countries.  To that end, GlobalFire undertakes supply and training programs in developing nations. These programs provide fire fighting; rescue; medical and hazardous materials equipment as well as specialized training, to local volunteers and emergency service organizations, in order to enhance the level of emergency protection and care within the local community. 

GlobalFire has developed a series of training packages, and since the year 2010 has delivered courses to volunteers and emergency service workers around the world, in countries where local capacity is impeded by poverty, war or natural disasters. The training is supplemented with donations of supplies and equipment.  Donated items have included fire apparatus, fire fighting clothing, fire suppression equipment, emergency medical equipment, and water purification equipment.  Recipients receive training in their use and maintenance.

GlobalFire's efforts are geared towards:

  • improving local capacity for fire prevention, protection and suppression in poor, urban & rural areas where populations have limited quality emergency services
  • increasing local capacity for pre-hospital emergency medical care in poor, urban & rural areas where populations have limited quality emergency services
  •  preparing and equipping community and NGO infrastructure with tools and skills that can be called upon in the event of a disaster situation, thereby strengthening those responses and enhancing the ability of GlobalFire and GlobalMedic Rapid Response Team deployments to reach the largest number of affected people.

GlobalFire often operates in conjunction with our sister charity, GlobalMedic, to build medical clinics and schools and supply such facilities with educational donations.  Through our partnership with GlobalMedic, we assist in providing long term water solutions for use in rural homes and communities to provide access to clean water for drinking, food preparation personal hygiene and sanitation.

For information on how to become involved, please contact Matt Capobianco (mcapobianco@globalfire.ca), coordinator of training & capacity building programs.  Ask about being included in our volunteer mailing list, and taking part in our training days.   Emails will be sent to registered GlobalFire volunteers asking for members who are interested in deploying internationally on a Capacity Building Operation to reply and forward an updated resume (please include information about work experience & courses, references, past travel & volunteer experience).