Honduras 2019


From February 8th until the 24th GlobalFire deployed 10 members to the town of La Ceiba, Honduras to train local Firefighters and Paramedics. 40 members from La Ceiba and El Porvenir participated in a 4 day training session.

The GlobalFire team delivered training in disciplines including: High Angle Rope Rescue, Medical Trauma, Forest Firefighting, HazMat Awareness, SCBA usage, Search and Rescue as well as Victim Lifts and Carries. Thanks to GlobalFire’s large shipment of equipment from its warehouse in Toronto, the team was able to freely provide high angle equipment, Bunker Gear, Helmets, Scott 4.5 SCBA, and other fire fighting equipment. This also allowed for the team to repair the local Fire Departments air compressors and portable water pumps.

Thanks to the generosity of the community, GlobalFire was able to successfully carry out a variety of training disciplines. The local Firefighters and Paramedics were supplied with PowerPoints and instructional guides, so they can continue to carry out the training sessions for years to come!