Paraguay 2019


On August 23, 2019, our donation of firefighting gear arrived in Asuncion, Paraguay. The donation included 144 sets of bunker gear (jacket and pants), 12 back plates, 12 air bottles, 25 facepieces and 23 helmets. This shipment was received by the Office of the First Lady of Paraguay and, under the direction of Mr. Rafael Valdez Peralta, the National President of the Volunteer Firefighter’s Corps of Paraguay, it was dispersed amongst several volunteer fire departments in the country. 


The Corps is composed of 100 quarters nationwide and involves more than seven thousand volunteers. One of the fire departments that received our donated gear only has an annual budget that barely covers operating expenses such as fuel, vehicle maintenance, rent for the firehouse and first aid supplies. This donation was a much-needed replacement for their outdated and deteriorating gear.