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GlobalFire accepts the donation of equipment that can be utilized on disaster relief missions and during capacity building programs.

If you have equipment you would like to donate, send us an email.  Please see below for lists of some of the items needed:


Uniform Jackets & Shirts (with any logos or patches removed), Cargo Pants & Shorts / Baseball caps (with any logos or patches removed) / High Visibility Safety Vests / Steel Toed Boots / Socks / Webbing Belts / Webbing Gear / Radio Holders  

Personal Protective Equipment

Firefighter Jacket and Pants with Suspenders (aka Bunker Gear or Turnout Gear) / Fire Fighting Helmets with Visor and Ear Protection / Flash Hoods / Fire Fighting Gloves / Fire Fighting Boots / Working SCBAs with Facepiece (fire rated, 2200psi and/or 4500psi) / SCBA cylinders (2200psi and/or 4500psi) / PASS Devices / Carbon Monoxide Detectors / Multigas Detectors 

Training Equipment

CPR Training Mannequins / Airway Training Mannequins / Easels with Chart Paper / White Boards with Dry Erase Markers / Computers / Laptops / Printers / Computer Projectors / Extension Cords / Power Bars / VCRs / DVD Players / Large screen TVs / Digital Cameras (with cables, batteries and charger) / Digital Camcorders (with cables, batteries and charger) / Tripods 

Flashlights / Hose Wrenches (aka Hose Spanners) / Sledge Hammers / Flat-head Axes / Fire Axes (aka Pickheaded Axe) / Pry Axes / Crowbars / Wrecking Bars / Pry Bars (4') / Halligan Bars / Bolt Cutters (12" to 36") / Hand-pumped Hydraulic Tools (Spreaders etc.) / Trash Hooks / Pike Poles / Fire Brooms

Fire Fighting
Hand Tools

Hand-pump Operated Water Extinguishers / Air Pressurized Water Extinguishers (empty) / Fire Blankets / Portable De-watering-Fire Pumps, 380 L/min @ 7 bar (100 GPM @ 100 PSI) capability minimum / Pump Intake Hose (aka Hard Suction Hose) / Pump Intake Hose Strainer / Fire Hose (38mm and/or 65mm, rolled) / Fire Hose Combination Nozzles (38mm and 65mm, handheld and ground-mount) / Fire Hose Adapters (38mm and 65mm, double male and double female adapters) / Fire Hose Appliances (water curtain, gated wyes, 65mm to 38mm reducer) / Portable Collapsible Water Tank (aka Drafting Pool or Onion Tank) / Fire Fighting Ventilation Fans (electric, gas or hydraulic powered) / Gas Powered Rotary Cut Saw with Cutting Wheels (Multi-purpose, Steel, Concrete etc) / Folding Extension Ladder (aka Combination Ladder) / Thermal Imaging Cameras

Fire Fighting

N95 Masks / Safety Glasses or Goggles / Rock-climbing Helmets / Headlamps / Harnesses / Rope Bags / Ropes / Rescue Ropes / Climbing Equipment (carabineers; belay devices etc.) / KED's / SKED's / Stokes Basket's / Megaphones / Search Camera's / Acoustic Listening Devices / Thermal Imaging Camera's / Infra Red Heat "Guns" / Hammer Drills & Bits / Coring Bits / Jackhammers & Bits / Reciprocating Saws & Blades / Concrete Cutting Saws & Blades

Search and
Rescue Equipment

Handheld Portable Radio Units (FRS, 800Mhz, VHF, UHF) with Batteries and Chargers / Headsets / Satellite Phones / Computers / Laptops


Medical Gloves (non-latex) / N95 Masks / Safety Glasses or Goggles / Band Aids / SteriStrips / Butterfly Dressings / Alcohol Towelettes / Cotton Swabs / Tongue Depressors / Sterile Gauze Pads (4x4 & abdominal) / Gauze Eye Pads / Cling Gauze Rolls (4" & 6") / Medical Tape (Cloth & Clear) / Pressure Dressings (all sizes) / Triangular Bandages / Quick Splints / Speed Splints / Sager Splints / Cervical Collars (all sizes) / Spinal Boards & Straps / Head Immobilization Systems / Scoop Stretchers / Oral-Pharyngeal Airways (all sizes) / Nasal-Pharyngeal Airways (all sizes) / Nasal Cannulas / Non-rebreathable O2 masks / Regular O2 masks / Paediatric Non-rebreather O2 masks / Paediatric Regular O2 masks / Bag Valve Masks (all sizes) / Oxygen Cylinders / Oxygen Cylinder Regulators & Flow Meters / Defibrillators / Tourniquets / Quick Clot / Scissor Kits / Eye Shields / Rescue bags / Blankets (Emergency and Regular) / Irrigation-quality Sodium Chloride (AKA Saline, all sizes) / IV Kits / Suture Kits / Suture Tools (clamps) / Stethoscopes / BP Cuffs / Pulse Oxymeters / Thermometers / Heart Monitors / EndoTracheal Intubation Kits / Syringes / Patient Evacuation Tarps.

Medical Equipment

GlobalFire will distribute used emergency services vehicles to countries where they are desperately needed.  We will train local volunteers or emergency service workers on their safe and proper operation.  

*Before we accept any donated vehicle, please provide us with as much detail about the vehicle as possible.  Details such as: it's age; it's Kilometreage; it's condition; it's location and include photos of its 4 sides.  If repairs are required please provide an estimate as to how much / what type of work would be required to bring the vehicle back into good working order.

  •  Fire Trucks in decent or "light repair" condition with operable fire pumps (Pumpers, Aerials, etc.),  We place special emphasis on Tankers with on-board fire pumps (Drafting pool and hard suction hose in accompaniment is also of great need).
  • Ambulances in decent or "light repair" condition (if possible still containing: stretcher; large oxygen cylinder; and on-board suction).