What is a GlobalFire Disaster Response Operation?

GlobalFire is a registered Canadian charity that utilizes professional Canadian rescuers, including firefighters; paramedics; and police officers who volunteer their time and skills to help those in need around the world.  GlobalFire volunteers deploy, in conjunction with volunteers from our sister charity, GlobalMedic, to form a robust Rapid Response Team (RRT) which, due to cross training, is capable of locating and rescuing trapped victims, re-establishing medical infrastructure to give beneficiaries access to primary and emergency healthcare, and providing disaster victims with clean drinking water.

GlobalFire strives to arrive as soon as possible after a natural disaster.  Teams immediately begin to search for, locate and extricate persons trapped by debris and collapsed structures, as a result of the natural catastrophe.  If arrival is swift enough, it is sometimes possible to listen to local survivors who believe they have located saveable victims, or even to encounter rescue attempts already underway.  Working closely with local partners can speed up the search phase significantly.  

GlobalFire plans rescues, and equips and supervises teams of local volunteers who would perform many of the low skill tasks, while GlobalFire members perform the technical evolutions.  During joint operations, GlobalFire teams would continue operations until requested to fold into the concurrent GlobalMedic operation by the overall mission commander, who has deemed further rescues unlikely or who has deemed more manpower is needed to conduct GlobalMedic operations.

GlobalFire believes in empowering the people we serve in disaster situations. Our teams train members of local communities and emergency services organizations on the correct operation and maintenance of fire fighting, search and rescue and medical equipment, and leave it in the field for them to operate as long as needed.


If you are interested in volunteering, please visit this website's "Join The Team" page or contact Craig Lester -clester@globalfire.ca