Guatemala 2013 Blog Sixteen- The Grad

GlobalFires last official duties in Guatemala are the graduation ceremony. It was held at 11 Company. The ceremony started with a speech from Director Salvador "Losh" Matheu González. He acknowledged the strong efforts by the Bomberos and how well they took to the new techniques. He explained that they need to practice and practice some more but he was very proud of each participant.

 Victor “Tito” Estuardo Flores Calvinisti had requested to speak. He was one of the students as well as one of the leaders of the group. He asked to say his words in English (Tito does not speak English so he spent many hours practicing) and did an amazing job. He was heart felt on how happy everyone was with the program and we are all fire fighters and brothers. He thanked us for taking time away from our families and to share our knowledge with them. It was the most touching and sincere speeches we had ever heard on a mission. Below are his closing remarks:

 “We will never forget the responsibility, dedication, patience and above all the friendship that each of you had with us these days.

It was an honor to have you as fire fighters of 11 Company and of all the friendly companies of fire fighters who participated in the training.

Finally, I want to wish you to have a nice trip back home and pray for blessings to you and your families.

Thank you brothers, and I call you brothers because just as brothers do all the best effort to answer a call of help from another one.”

 When he was done he was met with a standing ovation. We cannot say enough about what it meant. Thanks to you Brother !