Longest day of our lives (literally) …….

This is the longest day of our lives (literally). We started at 330 am (local time) in Manila on March 11. We flew to Tokyo and had lunch. Then we boarded in Tokyo and got delayed. We then missed our connector in Chicago and now must wait for an available flight to Toronto that will get us back at 1145 pm- ALL ON MARCH 11- the longest day ever (thanks to time change). We travelled over 7700 miles on the longest March 11 ever.


The journey home comes with mixed emotions. Satisfaction from a job well done, tired from a job well done and anticipation of seeing our families. This team did not know each other prior to deployment. We quickly bonded into a family and a group of true professionals. We did what was expected and more.


We all have families at home, whether it is husband, wife, kids, parents, someone back in Canada proud of us and also worrying about us. We are anxious to get home and see our loved ones and sad to leave our new friends and end this incredible journey.


Our families in Canada deserve our appreciation and gratitude as well. While we were away, they stayed at home and held down the fort. Our lives in Canada still had to go- so to you our families- THANK YOU AND WE MISSED YOU- we appreciate what you do and you were in our thoughts everyday.