The Arrival

As we exit the plane we are still receiving thanks for coming to help from the other passengers. The gratitude leaves you feeling proud, humble and confused as we are not the first ones here by far but still the outpouring of support is still high.

We deplane as a group and first thing you notice is the temporary roof on the terminal. As we walk across the tarmac to this terminal Regional Director Superintendent PABLITO D CORDETA greets us. He is there with Officer in Charge ARD from Operations, CINSP SERGIO R NAYRA, INSP ANTHONY C DE PAZ, Chief Operation Division, and SFO4 Ponciano C Sabalza, Chief, Fire Safety and Prevention.

Introductions take place and a crew of BFP fire fighters swoops in and grab our bags, all 292 kgs of it.

We exit the terminal and standing on the walkway was a team of BFP fire fighters welcoming us- very nice!