Guatemala 2013 Blog Two- The Tour

We were met at our hotel by our morning transport to the fire station, which is an ambulance. At the station we met several more Bomberos who came in to meet us.

We started the day with them going through their equipment and apparatus. They have two pumpers, a rescue, two tankers, a tiller and a rather unique cross apparatus which was an old airport ambulance that has been adapted to be used as a Squad. It was like a Squad that wants to be an ambulance as well. Also an ambulance box that is put into a 2X2 pick up truck box where it is taken for a supply vehicle for a provincial response vehicle.  Or it can be put on a 4X4 and taken into the hills. There are also four full time ambulances.

 This station is made up of composite firefighters. There are six full time members on two shifts of 24 hours. There are also three dispatchers who work 8-hour shifts so 8 hours on and 16 hours off, seven days a week… for ever.

 There are around 25 volunteers but they cannot run calls on their own. They require a full time person to go with them.

 The dispatch system is answering a phone and texting volunteers if required or dispatching who is available in the station.

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