Guatemala 2013 Blog Six- You build it- They will come

One of the dilemmas that the GlobalFire team has on every capacity building operation is training props. The departments do not have them and in most countries where the team goes building supplies are scarce or expensive. The money we save on props puts more equipment on fire apparatus. We still must construct props for the training so we have to be creative.

Here in Guatemala, we got hold of several skids, some rough-cut lumber and old concrete blocks from a closed down concrete block plant. Our friend Salvador is an excellent resource.

 With these materials we set out to build a forcible entry prop and fire ground survival props for entanglement and low/reduced profile. We also wanted to construct an A frame for the confidence maze.


Mission completed with the help of some of the Bomberos and a hammer created for Thor- we built all the props necessary to run our program.


The 44 students who are attending will get the full benefit of our training props.


You build it- they will come.

Click on link below for more pictures of the prop construction:


Props completed

Props completed