"Eripio Praemunitio Praestructio"

What does "Eripio Praemunitio Praestructio" mean?  As GlobalFire is an organization that operates worldwide and in different capacities, the Latin motto is a reminder of the three types of operations undertaken by the charity.  Those operations can be broadly classified as: Rescue (Eripio), Protection (Praemunitio) and Training (Praestructio).

"Rescue" operations are performed by qualified GlobalFire volunteers who search for, locate and extricate victims of natural or man-made disasters in support of local emergency services around the world.
"Protection" operations are undertaken by GlobalFire in nations throughout the developing world.  Fire suppression equipment, medical supplies and training are freely provided in population dense areas with little or no fire and emergency medical capabilities to improve the level of protection for the local community.
"Training" operations often take place in conjunction with "Protection" operations.  GlobalFire volunteers who are qualified to teach Firefighters and Paramedics in Canada are used to instruct an organized group of community volunteers or local emergency services workers around the world in the latest methods to safely perform fire fighting, rescue and pre-hospital medical care.