CambodiA, 2010

In April 2010, GlobalFire members crossed into Cambodia from Thailand.   The team's mission was to donate equipment to, and train, the City of Siem Reap's Fire Police.  All urban fire protection and suppression in Cambodia is undertaken by the Police Department. 

Supplies previously shipped from Canada were unloaded and donated to the Fire Police.  The team donated such items as: protective fire fighting turnout gear, helmets, self-contained breathing apparatus (SCBA), breathing air cylinders, APW & Dry Chem. fire extinguishers, air compressors, fully stocked advanced care first aid kit, airway management kit with medical oxygen, water pumps, hose, nozzles, computers, etc.

An equipment inventory of the city's Fire Police was conducted and deficiencies were noted.  Donor money was then used to purchase local tools and equipment to eliminate those deficiencies.  The team purchased such items as: a water pump, an electrical generator, electrical cabling, axes, sledge hammers, prybars, etc.

GlobalFire also chaired negotiations between the Fire Police and the nearby International Airport's Fire Service.  Several agreements were put into place to improve Firefighter safety: the two agencies agreed to train together with the GlobalFire team as well as continuing to do so in the future; the two agencies agreed to call upon one another for support if a large fire ever taxed the resources of one agency; the Airport agreed to fill the Fire Police's breathing air cylinders.  This meant breathing air cylinders could be filled in hours rather than days.  Before this agreement was reached, the Fire Police had to ship the empty cylinders hundreds of kilometres to the capital city (Penom Phen).

The GlobalFire team conducted training focused on fire extinguisher operation, maintenance and re-charging as well as advanced first aid.