Fort McMurraY, 2016

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may 5th  2016
May 6th  2016
May 7th  2016
May 12th 2016

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May 12th 2016

GlobalFire, GlobalMedic and The Radcliffe Foundation, a charitable organization founded by Canadian business executive and philanthropist Frank Guistra, have partnered to help provide aid to victims of the Fort McMurray wildfires.

“The Fort McMurray fire is a reminder that tragedy can befall on any of us at any time. We will do our part, joining the generosity of the many Canadians who have donated to the victims of this fire." 

– Frank Guistra, Founder and President of The Radcliffe Foundation

Support provided by The Radcliffe Foundation will be used to purchase items to immediately meet the essential needs of displaced families.

Utilizing donations from Procter & Gamble, over 10,000 Personal Hygiene Kits have been delivered to shelters in the Edmonton area. P&G have also provided Tide detergent, Pampers diapers and Always feminine hygiene products which GlobalFire and GlobalMedic volunteers have delivered to families staying in these shelters.

In addition to these items, blankets, clothing kits and bottled water have been delivered to families.

Five hundred “cooling collars,” designed to cool the body after being soaked in water and tied around the neck, were procured by members of GlobalFire and delivered to firefighters on the front lines. The collars will help regulate firefighters’ body temperatures, as they continue to work around the clock to bring the blaze under control.

To view the press release from The Radcliffe Foundation, click here.

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May 7th 2016

With donations of toothpaste, shampoo and body wash from Procter and Gamble, GlobalFire and GlobalMedic volunteers prepared an additional 5,000 Hygiene Kits for families affected by the wildfires in Alberta.

After the kits were packed, Air Canada delivered them free of charge to Edmonton, where our volunteers, in partnership with ADRA Canada, helped to deliver them to families in the surrounding area.

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May 6th 2016

With the successful delivery of 2,000 Hygiene Kits to families affected by the Fort McMurray wildfire, GlobalFire and GlobalMedic have announced another packing day tomorrow, Saturday May 7th 2016, to prepare an additional 5,000 kits. 

We encourage volunteers and family to join us as we package toothbrushes, toothpaste, soap and body wash for families in need. The day will take place from 9:30 a.m. until approximately noon, to register as a volunteer for the event click here:

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May 5th 2016

With 90,000 people evacuated, the wildfire in Fort McMurray has now grown to 85,000 hectares in size, making the blaze’s coverage larger than the City of Calgary.

In partnership with ADRA Canada,  GlobalFire and GlobalMedic volunteers, along with students from Centennial College’s paramedic and pre-fire programs and Tzu Chi Canada members, prepared 2,018 Hygiene Kits for those affected by the fire.

The kits contain essential hygiene items including soap, towels, toothbrushes and toothpaste.

As part of a generous donation by Air Canada, the kits were shipped on the next available flight to Edmonton, Alberta. Upon their arrival this afternoon, the delivery will be received by GlobalFire and GlobalMedic team members, alongside ADRA Canada volunteers.

The Hygiene Kits will be transferred to distribution points and given to families in need.

The offer of Unmanned Aerial Vehicle teams, critical infrastructure tents and water purification units has also been extended to emergency management officials.

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