Dominica, 2013

In January of 2013, a GlobalFire team of instructors deployed to Roseau on the Isle of Dominica for 2 weeks to bring support, training and equipment to our fellow firefighters. The areas of training and study included the following: Firefighting tactics, HAZMAT response, Search and Rescue operations, Firefighter Rescue(RIT Team) operations, Forcible Entry, Firefighter Self-Rescue and Water Rescue Awareness. Along with this training over 100 complete sets of bunker gear were shipped from Canada and donated to local volunteer firefighters.

The most important donation came in the way of water rescue equipment which was generously provided by the London Fire Department. Along with the proper equipment and training, for the first time in the Isle of Dominica’s history, shore based water rescue is now available to the people of that small island nation. 

The 10 day course was a success and well received by the professional staff of the Dominica Fire and Ambulance Services.