The Philippines, 2013/14


After Super Typhoon Haiyan (called Yolanda locally) struck Southeast Asia in early November 2013, GlobalFire volunteers from across Canada deployed to locations across the hard hit Philippines to render badly needed aid. 

GlobalFire volunteers continued to deploy to affected areas for the next few months.  

In conjunction with our sister charity GlobalMedic, our volunteers worked to purify and distribute clean drinking water and water purification tablets in an effort to reduce the incidents of water-borne illnesses. GlobalFire volunteers also assisted in the conduct of free medical clinics and implementing rebuilding projects to replace infrastructure and promote a sense that life was returning to normal for people who were suffering through the long after affects brought about by the most powerful storm ever to make landfall. 

In an effort to further assist The Philippines, GlobalFire members met with local emergency service authorities to put together a needs assessment and inspect locations, so that a "capacity building operation" specifically tailored to equip and train Fire and Ambulance services depleted by Super Typhoon Haiyan, could be conducted by GlobalFire in March 2014.